SPYWARE DOCTOR-operating many computer diseases

Pc Tools developed a solution for the computer disease named as, ‘Spyware doctor’ which is meant to remove the spyware for Microsoft Windows. This program can be bought to scan a computer for spyware to examine all the computer files on a hard drive. These objects on the memory include Windows registry and the cookies. Spyware doctor tends to quarantine the known threats. Its new program adds time protection also which starts up automatically, the real-time protection feature lacked in the starter edition. The new version detects threats through new tool bars and add-ons and also stops threats residing in the hard drive through web browsers.

The starter edition of the spyware doctor was included in the Google Pack, released in March 2007. This old version of the spyware doctor program permits scan and removes the threats with limited time protection. The drawback of this old version is that it uses database with only 60% of the defining file that excludes some real viral threats.

Every doctor owes fee so does Spyware Doctor. The difference is that this doctor’s charges are not clear until you run it after installing. Without paying the registration fee it is not easy to even locate the infected files, removing them is the second question. They require a registration fee before removing any found threat, without purchasing you cannot operate your computer’s disease properly. Its subscription is normally purchased on yearly basis. This program is available on the retail stores and on its website also, which includes new versions and updates. Anyone can purchase this program’s license. Just like McAfee and Symantec, this program also provides an automatic renewal to customer’s subscription every year automatically until it gets cancelled. Hence it is worth paying for such program which claims to protect your computer against many threats like malware attacks. The program’s reactive, proactive and automatic protection stops threats to enter.
Spyware Doctor” has won many awards from around the globe which enhances its business and popularity among the pc users. In October 2008, Spyware Doctor of 5.0 versions received the PC World Best Buy award for performing best at detecting and clearing the test in samples of adware and spyware. This program has also been awarded the Editor’s Choice awards from different PC magazines.  

This program initially received some negative reviews also that can be found on one of the most popular software downloading website’s review section named, CNET’s Download.com. They say that initially spyware doctor flagged repeatedly some harmless threats as harmful. No other antispyware did so. What was the reason behind flagging these harmless threats as potential harms is still un known and they could also not learn more about these threats, this is the reason that they rated this anti spyware program  3 stars. It is worth downloading it to your PC in order to protect it and feel free. Spyware Doctor claims to let you experience an uninterrupted service by cleaning your PC through its virus detecting skills.

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